We are focused on solving cloud-based issues for our customers. To find out more about our related products, please visit our products page.


Cloud Service

Cloud migration

We propose system migration from on-premises to various clouds, using various migration tools, cloud agility, and cost optimization.

infrastructure /
network design

We design infrastructure that can operate in an integrated manner with the development team, and CI / CD is possible for the entire system. We provide infrastructure that will not change after operations are deployed.

software development

As infrastructure engineers who are strong in software development, we build cloud-based systems and design and develop the necessary software.

Operational service

Axsh helps customers improve their software delivery cycles and deployment of their personalized cloud systems as a partner. We also actively open source tools and libraries to contribute to the community.

Operational labor saving/automation (DevOps) support service

Axsh helps customers simplify laborious infrastructure through our software construction service and leaves the know-how that works as your asset.

Operation support/training

We provide training on 24/365 remote operation support or operation labor-saving.