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Axsh Co., Ltd.
A group of software-savvy infrastructure and engineering professionals

Axsh Co., Ltd. is an infrastructure engineering company and is very strong in software development. Our software can help you fill the gap and write software, even if you are unfamiliar with infrastructure. Conversely, even if you are familiar with infrastructure but cannot write software, our software can still help you succeed.


LiquidMetal is a flexible system that makes managing even complex networking systems easy with an intuitive and fully featured graphical interface.

LiquidMetal encapsulates both physical and virtual networks into Environment Templates that support the development of networks in a liquid form that can continually change in the editor.

It is possible to save and share your Environment Templates with others easily for accurate testing or approval.

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About Axsh

At Axsh, we believe in freedom and technical excellence, hiring the best engineers and giving them the freedom to do what they're good at.

We specialize in continuous software delivery, large-scale data center/network virtualization, and distributed cloud computing infrastructure.

Axsh can help you improve your software delivery cycle and implement personalized cloud systems as a partner. As an open-source advocate, Axsh actively contributes tools and libraries to the community.

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