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We are always looking for talented professionals to join our friendly, highly professional team of experts. If you think you can contribute, feel free to contact us or browse the currently available positions below.

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Career opportunities at Axsh:

Software Development Engineer


Join a team of highly skilled professionals passionate about building scalable, well designed software. At Axsh you are encouraged to speak your mind (in a respectful manner) about how development should be done. We won't always do as you say but if you have an opinion, we will listen. Programming is a creative task and different engineers perform better in different environments. As a company, Axsh will do what it can to provide you with your best working environment. Our engineers decide their own working hours although they are still expected to be responsible about respecting agreed upon meeting times.

We encourage people of all nationalities, ages and genders to apply. Axsh is proud of the diversity in its team and currently employs people of five different nationalities. Even recent college graduates are encouraged to apply. Your enthusiasm about programming and ability to learn is more important than your past experience.


  • Communication skills in English or Japanese. Speaking both is a plus but we will still consider you if you speak only one.
  • The ability to think of programming solutions by yourself. There will not always be somebody who knows the answer for you.
  • The ability to teach yourself new technologies using information on the internet or books that Axsh provides.

Technologies used

  • Ruby
  • Bash
  • Go
  • OpenFlow
  • KVM
  • LXC
  • Git / Github
  • Jenkins
  • GNU/Linux (You can use any OS you want on your own workstation but you will be required to SSH into Linux machines regularly)

Experience with the above technologies is a plus but not super important. Both Wakame-vdc and OpenVNet are written in Ruby but most of our engineers had never written a single line of Ruby code when they joined our company. As stated above, it is much more important to us that you are able to learn new technologies.

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Community Manager / Evangelist

We are currently looking for somebody to represent us in the Open Source community. The job will require you to regularly take part in technical meet-ups and conferences where you'll promote Axsh's technologies. Of course we do not want to spam anybody. Part of your job would be to find communities whose members would be interested in our technologies and participate respectfully. When not taking part in any communities, you will be required to play around with Axsh's technologies and get familiar with them. After trying our technologies as a user, any tips you could give to the developers would be greatly appreciated. In addition to attending other people's events, you will also be asked to assume a leading role in organizing Axsh's events and manage our social media accounts.


  • Attend conferences and meetup groups on behalf of Axsh
  • Actively search for new conferences and meet-ups whose topics are related to Axsh's technologies.
  • Make frequent presentation about Axsh's technologies
  • Take a leading role in organizing Axsh's own users groups and hackathons
  • Manage Axsh's social media accounts
  • Stay on top of recent developments in Axsh technologies


  • Fluency in both Japanese and English
  • Enough technical skill to answer questions about Axsh technologies
  • Enjoy taking part in technical communities
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