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We are always looking for talented professionals to join our friendly, highly professional team of experts. If you think you can contribute, feel free to contact us or browse the currently available positions below.

Axsh is a great place to work.

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Benefits of working at Axsh Co. Ltd.:

Free work style:


* We supply our employees with the computer of their choice.

Time off

* You can take an extended vacation of 1 month or more, if you check with us beforehand.

Super flexible work style

* To accelerate your productivity, we encourage you to develop your unique hobbies in your spare time.

* If you can cover your overall responsibilities in 1 minute in a day, we can still treat this as going to work.

Remote work

* Some of our engineers are already working from the United States, Norway and South Korea.

Enriched Benefits:


* Rent subsidy available that can bear 50% of your rent.

Remote work environment maintenance support

* We reimburse for purchase costs of household goods necessary for work.

Paid Holidays:

Ten days of paid leave in half a year

* Five days a year + special leave for year-end and New Year holidays.
* Plus five days or more, depending on the year.

New graduate salary:

Annual income is ¥5,000,000 a year

* Monthly salary is ¥300,000.
* An end of the year bonus to compensate salary to 5 million yen.
* Further bonuses available based on level of project contribution.