Wakame-vdc training at Metro Systems Thailand

A few weeks ago Axsh was invited by Metro Systems in Bangkok, Thailand to provide training on Wakame-vdc.

Metro Systems Wakame-vdc training

We were delighted to see that after three days of training, Metro Systems’ engineers were able to install, configure and use Wakame-vdc from...

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Friday September 30, 2016

Wakame Users Group meeting 12

The date for the next Wakame Users Group meeting has been decided. It will take place on Friday, April 22nd 2016 at BroadBand Tower Inc.

The first presentation will tell us all about the Nix ecosystem and how package management can be a solution to...

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Wednesday February 24, 2016

Other Projects and Community pages added to the Axsh Website

Today we have added the Community and Other Projects sections to this website.

The Community section serves as the new home of the Wakame Users Group while also providing general information about Axsh’s involvement in the IT and Open Source community...

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Wednesday February 24, 2016

Solutions page added to the Axsh Website

A few days ago we have added the Solutions section to this website. Solutions contains a detailed description of all the different services Axsh Co. LTD provides. If your company is interested in creating a highly customized flexible cloud solution

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Thursday February 18, 2016

Axsh twitter accounts reorganized

In an effort to improve its communication with the community, Axsh has decided to reorganize its twitter accounts. From now on, all Axsh communication on twitter will happen through the following accounts.

Axsh’s official English account...

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Thursday January 21, 2016

Wakame-vdc terraform provider in development

As our developers get more comfortable with the Go programming language, Axsh is working on a Terraform provider for Wakame-vdc.

This will enable users of Hashicorp’s Terraform to use the infrastructure as code configuration syntax that they are already...

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Monday January 4, 2016
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