Software Defined Networking

Conventionally, computer networks are made up of switches arranged in a tree structure. This made sense back when static client-server infrastructures were dominant but today, that is no longer the case. In today's world where the cloud is king, infrastructure is required to be both flexible and secure. The corporate network is accessed from many places, using many different devices and data centers host multiple tenants, all running complicated and ever-changing services on the same cloud.

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) means that the definition of which devices are connected to each other in a computer network becomes independent from the hardware in place. SDN gives you the ability to change a computer network in a matter of seconds without ever touching any cables. As users connect from different locations and data centers create/terminate different services, the network is constantly updated on the fly, providing both flexibility and security to its users.

As an expert in the field and author of LiquidMetal, Axsh can help you develop and/or set up any software defined networking system you require.

Axsh covers the entirety of the project life cycle. That cycle can be broken down into the following stages.


By providing expertise and know-how, Axsh can assist you to get a clear view of the SDN system you need to achieve your goals. During this phase it will be decided what technology is best for your project and what extra development will need to be done. Important details like deadlines and costs will be decided at this stage.

While Axsh encourages the use of LiquidMetal, the decision of what software to use is flexible and made in close cooperation with the customer.


Axsh's engineers can design the hardware and software configuration that makes up the SDN implementation, either by themselves or in close cooperation with the customer's engineers. If it has been decided that new features will be developed in the planning phase, those will also be carefully designed during this phase.


Once the planning and design has been completed, Axsh can handle the hardware and software setup that is needed for the SDN solution to work, as well as the programming of new features and tools if applicable. Most often this step will include the setup of a reliable continuous delivery system.


During the eventual release of the project, Axsh engineers will be on hand to make sure any possible issues are delt with in a timely fashion and the release goes as smoothly as possible. Ideally there will be a continuous delivery system in place that has performed the release cycles countless times before and ironed out any problems.


After the release, Axsh can remain available to support your system should any problems arise.