Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure refers to the ability to create virtual servers commonly known as instances remotely using the web. You can be anywhere, using any device capable of making an internet connection. You will be able to create a whole data center worth of servers just by clicking a few buttons on a web page. These servers can be destroyed or re-purposed just as easily as they were created.

This makes data centers incredibly flexible.

Cloud Infrastructure - IaaS

Developers become able to quickly bring up specialized servers they need for various programming tasks and production environments become scalable, allowing you to add extra servers on the fly to cope with sudden traffic spikes.

This solution is otherwise commonly referred to as Infrastructure as a service or IaaS for short.

As experts in the field of IaaS, Axsh can help you set up a dedicated cloud system for any purpose. We have a full stack of tools for this purpose that can be customized to your specific needs.

Axsh can help you create an IaaS cloud while covering the entirety of the project life cycle.
That cycle can be broken down into the following stages.


By providing expertise and know-how, Axsh can assist you to get a clear view of what kind of IaaS cloud you need to achieve your goals. During this phase it will be decided what technology is best for your project and what extra development will need to be done. Important details like deadlines and costs will be decided at this stage.

While Axsh encourages use of its own full featured software suites capable of providing IaaS and Software Defined Networking, the decision of what software to use is flexible and made in close cooperation with the customer.


Axsh's engineers can design the hardware for the IaaS system to run on, either by themselves or in close cooperation with the customer's engineers. If it has been decided that new features will be developed in the planning phase, those will also be carefully designed during this phase.


Once the planning and design has been completed, Axsh can handle both the setup of the development, integration and production environments as well as the actual programming of new features. Most often this step will include the setup of a reliable continuous delivery system.


During the eventual release of the project, Axsh engineers will be on hand to make sure any possible issues are dealt with in a timely fashion and the release goes as smoothly as possible. Ideally there will be a continuous delivery system in place that has performed the release cycles countless times before and ironed out any problems.


After the release, Axsh can remain available to support your system should any problems arise.