Wakame Users Group meeting 11

The next meeting of the Wakame Users Group will take place on Friday, January 15th 2016 at BroadBand Tower Inc.

This meeting will include an OpenVNet live demo from scratch. We will start from installation and show how you can easily set up different...

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Tuesday December 22, 2015

OpenVNet 0.8 released

Today we are proud to announce the release of OpenVNet 0.8. This version includes the following changes.

  • The VNet Edge feature is no longer experimental.

VNet Edge is a feature that allows you to take one of OpenVNet’s virtual networks and join...

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Friday September 4, 2015

OpenVNet WebAPI now accessible through a ruby gem

Today we’re happy to announce the vnet_api_client ruby gem. Using this gem it becomes possible to send commands to OpenVNet’s WebAPI directly from ruby. You can find it at

The gem will follow OpenVNet’s versioning. Every time a new version...

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Tuesday June 9, 2015

OpenVNet 0.7 released

After two years of development we are proud to announce OpenVNet version 0.7. This marks OpenVNet’s first stable release.

During the last two years we have always provided RPM packages of the latest development code. As we’re gearing for a production...

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Thursday June 4, 2015
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