OpenVNet is what you would call a network hypervisor. It allows you to fully virtualize your network infrastructure and create any network topology that you have in mind.

Software Defined Networking done right

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  • Don't be bound by network hardware limitations
  • Create any network topology you have in mind regardless of hardware
  • Change your topology on the fly without touching any cables


  • Connect any regular network device to an OpenVNet virtual network
  • No need to install any clients on devices in virtual networks
  • The entire network topology is controlled from a single Web API


  • OpenVNet virtual networks can work together with regular "physical" networks.
  • Connect regular physical networks with OpenVNet virtual networks in the same L2 segment.
  • Any conventional router can route between regular networks and OpenVNet virtual network.


  • Highly customized solutions
  • OpenVNet is developed by a small and flexible team
  • That makes it possible to tailor it exactly to your needs


  • Secure the servers in your data center using Security Groups.
  • Define groups with specific firewall restrictions and assign servers to them.
  • Specialize your firewall on a per-server basis. Every network interface connected to OpenVNet has its own personalized firewall.

Where to get OpenVNet

OpenVNet is open source software and can be used for free. Please refer to our installation guide if you wish to try it out.

Axsh is available for hire if you wish to implement OpenVNet tailored specifically to your needs and get professional support. Contact us for more details.

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Automating network appliance testing

To illustrate the point we’re trying to make in the video above, let us tell you about a very interesting problem we’ve been asked to solve recently. Here in Tokyo, we at Axsh Co. LTD are known for our knowledge of Virtualization, SDN, CI/CD, and...

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Friday March 23, 2018

WUG meeting on 5/12, renamed to Tokyo Open Infra Users Group (TOIUG)

As of today the Wakame Users Group will be referred to as the Tokyo Open Infra Users Group. We have made this change to further stress the fact that our community isn’t limited to just users of Wakame-vdc.

We wish to welcome everybody with an interest...

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Tuesday May 2, 2017

OpenVNet 0.9 released

Today marks the release of OpenVNet 0.9. For installation or upgrading from an older version, please refer to the following guides.

This version includes the following changes.

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Tuesday April 19, 2016

New OpenFlow/OpenVNet book released

On Tuesday, February 23rd a new OpenFlow and SDN book was released containing a complete chapter on OpenVNet written by Axsh’s CEO, Yasuhiro Yamazaki.

This chapter contains a detailed explanation of how OpenVNet uses OpenFlow to achieve SDN and comes...

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Tuesday March 1, 2016
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