OpenVNet 0.9 released

Today marks the release of OpenVNet 0.9. For installation or upgrading from an older version, please refer to the following guides.

This version includes the following changes.

  • New feature: Topology Manager

In order to make it easier to set up OpenVNet on environments using multiple hosts, we have added the Topology Manager. This will automatically create some of the more low level database entries needed for OpenVNet to effectively route its traffic around the physical network.

  • New feature: MAC Range Groups

OpenVNet is now able to assign MAC addresses automatically. Upon installation the user will set a range of MAC addresses that OpenVNet is allowed to use.

  • New feature: Filters

While OpenVNet already had filtering functionality in the form of Security Groups, we have added a second filtering mode which allows you to create much more simple filtering rules on a per interface basis.

  • Improved error handling

OpenVNet will now apply more strict checks to IPv4 addresses as they’re being assigned through the WebAPI and fail gracefully when required.

  • Removed deprecated WebAPI parameter for datapaths: broadcast_mac_address

Back in 0.8, we deprecated the broadcast_mac_address parameter in the WebAPI’s datapaths endpoint and replaced it with mac_address.

In version 0.9 the old broadcast_mac_address has been removed completely. You will need to update your scripts if you haven’t already.

  • Deprecated WebAPI parameter for network_services: type

In the WebAPI endpoint for setting up network services we have deprecated the type parameter and it will be removed in a future version. Use mode instead.

  • Several minor changes and fixes

For the full list of changes, please refer to our changelog file on github.

Tuesday April 19, 2016