Work environment

Work environment

At Axsh we strongly believe in flexibility, comfort and freedom. The flexiblity allows everyone at the company to create a healthy relationship between work and family. There is no dress code, we have flexible working hours and do our best to provide anything our employees need to work efficiently. Programming is a creative task and the environment needed to get those creative juices flowing is different for everyone. We want everyone to be comfortable.

To make sure everyone can work efficiently, computer hardware is kept at a high performance standard and updated regularly.

To make sure everyone can work comfortably, they receive an Aeron chair, and a large desk to accommodate their two to three displays.

We continue to aim to create an environment where every person can grow professionally, talents are nurtured and skills are developed.

How it all started

How it all started

In July 2006, the company was established at Inagi city in Tokyo, later in July 2007, Yasuhiro Yamazaki and Yasutaka Ogawa joined the company as board members.

In May 2008, Yasuhiro Yamazaki became the company's president while Masahito Yoshida and Masahiro Fujiwara joined and together with Yasutaka Ogawa became directors. Development of "Wakame" began, a cloud solution to help auto-scaling on Amazon Web Services.

First Releases

Cloud Orchestrator
Wakame-fuel, an auto scaling framework for Amazon Web Services
Wakame-vdc: a toolkit for infrastructure as a service
First Releases

Birth of the Keiou Depāto Kai

Birth of the Keiou Depāto Kai

In 2011 Axsh had their first Keiou Depāto Kai.

A take on the traditional Japanese nomikai that has become a company tradition since. For a Keiou Depāto Kai we go to the nearby Keiou department store, buy all the food and drink we want using company money and then have fun consuming it at the office. These events are very informal and often accompanied by heated bouts of Mario Kart on our big 4K television. Unlike traditional nomikais, there is no social pressure to attend.

Wakame in production

Wakame-vdc deployed to manage the Apache Hadoop cluster at NII
Kyushu Electric Corporation decided to use Wakame-vdc to manage their Apache Hadoop cluster
The first public cloud case for Wakame-vdc, called WebARENA VPS Cloud made available by NTTPC Communications
Wakame-vdc, deployed at KCCS

Recent Developments

Late in the year Axsh relocated to their current office in Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
The first version of OpenVNet was released
In 2015, the company, after growing in recent years, gets ready for the future:
  • Managers for Product, Community and Support were appointed
  • All major projects have moved onto semantic versioning
  • A roadmap is maintained and publicly available on GitHub
  • The company website received a complete overhaul
In May 2015, TIS corp and Axsh decided to work together to invest in New Cloud Technology using Wakame-vdc and OpenVNet.


Yasuhiro Yamazaki


Masahiro Fujiwara

Director, Developer

Yasutaka Ogawa

Director, developer


Product & Community Manager, Developer

Kokichi Sasaki

Customer Service Manager

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