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Global cloud infrastructure

Setup and configure physical and virtual datacenters and connect them worldwide on a virtual network!

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DevOps cycle coaching

Streamline your development process and improve your creative software development culture!

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Software defined networking

Simplify network infrastructure management and make light work of laborious configuration tasks.

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About Axsh

At Axsh we believe in freedom and technical excellence, hiring the best engineers and giving them the freedom to do what they're good at.

We specialize in continuous software delivery, large scale data center/network virtualization and distributed cloud computing infrastructure.

As a partner Axsh can help you improve your software delivery cycle and implement personalized cloud systems. As an advocate of open source, Axsh actively contributes tools and libraries to the community.

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Wakame-vdc is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing framework delivering portability, scalability and reliability to your server infrastructure. Wakame-vdc can be controlled by a user friendly web interface or CLI.

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Software defined networking. Make your network infrastructure flexible and easy to change on the fly. Improve security with software defined network segment isolation and distributed firewall.

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July Tech Festa 2016

The fourth annual edition of the July Tech Festa will take place on Sunday July 24th at Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Since the beginning, Axsh has been has been a major sponsor and board member for this event which has been growing steadily every year...

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Wednesday May 11, 2016

OpenVNet 0.9 released

Today marks the release of OpenVNet 0.9. For installation or upgrading from an older version, please refer to the following guides.

This version includes the following changes.

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Tuesday April 19, 2016

IoT Devices & OpenFlow hackathon wrapup

Last weekend Axsh organized its first Hackathon, focused on using IoT devices like the Intel Edison and Raspberry Pi to play around with OpenFlow and SDN solutions.

We’ve had a lot of fun and there’s been some nice projects. In this news post you...

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Thursday March 24, 2016

New OpenFlow/OpenVNet book released

On Tuesday, February 23rd a new OpenFlow and SDN book was released containing a complete chapter on OpenVNet written by Axsh’s CEO, Yasuhiro Yamazaki.

This chapter contains a detailed explanation of how OpenVNet uses OpenFlow to achieve SDN and comes...

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Tuesday March 1, 2016
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